Souls Limited established as a public limited company registered under Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) in August 2016 vide Registration No. C-132470/2016 also achieve certificate of Trade license, TIN, VAT , IRC, ERC. SOULS LIMITED is active member of the ‘Bangladesh Agro-Based Product Producer & Merchant Association (BAPMA).


The company ”SOULS LIMITED” has started its business with a commitment to our client ”Our Souls (Service) at Your Door”. Our purpose is only do business, but also ensure high quality service in your emergency. Souls are engaging with the following business units:
Souls Supply & General Contractors
Souls Agriculture Farming
Souls Buying Househttps://slotsups.com rtingd
Souls Engineering & Consultancy
Souls Herbal Medicine
SOULS LIMITED’s at present mission to increase benefits and value added to customers and stakeholders.


“To make people HAPPY” with souls & mind and also economic development individually or collectively of Tasauf community in Bangladesh and globally


   why customer choose us:

  • Souls provides one stop services at your door;
  • we ensured best quality product & services;
  • Our product & services to make people satisfy;
  • We do work for the people to make happy;
  • We follow long time relation build up with customer rather than profit;
  • We do business to make brighten soul community;
  • We have an expert and experiences Human Resources (qualified manpower);
  • We follow Win-Win negotiation strategy which is equally valuable to customers;
  • Our customer is our best sales people (referral);
  • We are transparent in business word that transparency is building trust, satisfaction, and love to our customers.

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