Christie Guarantees Work For Casino Workers. Under fire, Governor Chris

Christie Guarantees Work For Casino Workers. Under fire, Governor Chris Christie: ‘I am plugged in, i’m listening and I have always been working.’

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie happens to be challenged by casino workers over jobs, as three regarding the city’s casinos face imminent closure. Christie, who was at Ocean City Town Hall to discuss pension reforms, was greeted on their arrival by a team of workers from the threatened Revel, Showboat and Trump Plaza, chanting ‘Save our Jobs’ and ‘Five Year Promise.’

Each year to bring more flights to the Atlantic City airport, promote more convention business and raise private investment into the casino market in 2011 Christie issued a five-year plan that promised to fix the New Jersey economy, offering millions of dollars.

Revel had been a key ingredient to Christie’s designs for Atlantic City. Conceived before the recession, construction of the Revel project started in 2008, just while the economic downturn hit, and Revel Inc discovered itself in financial serious straits, specially when backers, Morgan Stanley, pulled down soon after.

The project that is entire been a complete catastrophe, consistently losing profits since it opened in 2012 and more recently hemorrhaging $2 million per week

Christie, for who Revel represented the promise of a gleaming, revitalized Atlantic City, intervened with a $261 million dollar bailout in taxation credits and loan that is new desperate to understand $2.4 billion project right through to completion.

Has the Five Year Plan Failed?

There are few clearer symbols for the failure of the plan that is five-year then, than the recent news that Revel will close on September 1st. The whole project has been a complete disaster, consistently losing money since it opened in 2012 and more recently hemorrhaging $2 million per week.

With the Showboat as well as the Trump Plaza additionally more likely to close in the next few weeks, increasing unemployment produced by the closure of this Atlantic Club at the start of the year, casino workers are now demanding action and reassurance.

‘ For all those people who I saw as I became walking in chanting, ‘Save our jobs,’ I hear you,’ Christie told the crowd. ‘I have always been plugged in, I am listening and i will be working.’ But he also stated that while his administration ended up being working with personal employers to locate more jobs, there is little he could do in order to force the casinos to remain available.

Summit to Address Future of AC

Christie announced the previous time that a summit would be held on September 8, in which political leaders and casino industry officials to discuss a method forward for Atlantic City. However, Showboat worker of 27 years Cindy Pemberton told Christie that it’s too little, too late. ‘If we wait fourteen days, Showboat will be closed,’ she said.

‘The government can’t purchase private companies to do things,’ Christie told her. ‘ And you also don’t wish to live in a world where we do … What you’re asking me to do is become the CEO of Showboat. I do not desire to run Showboat.
‘[We’re] trying to generate a remedy that could assist you among others save your jobs,’ he added. ‘That’s just what our objective is.’

The Governor also told the crowd that he is ‘thinking about’ a 2016 presidential run. In reaction up to a concern from people, he said: ‘It is definitely an decision that is enormous make not only for me, but my family. Most likely by the end with this year or the beginning of next I’ll decide.’

Whitey Bulger Appeals 2013 Conviction

Whitey Bulger says he was banned to present an immunity protection at his 2013 trial. (Image:

James ‘Whitey’ Bulger had been convicted on 31 counts this past year, including fees pertaining to his involvement in 11 murders. That was enough to make the former criminal mastermind and FBI informant two consecutive life terms in prison and a cell at the United States Penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona.

But if anyone thought that Bulger was going straight down without having a battle, he’s planning to prove all of them incorrect.

Attorneys for Bulger are asking a federal appeals court to overturn their conviction for playing those 11 murders, arguing that the judge in case ‘constitutionally deprived Mr. Bulger of his right to present an effective defense.’

That argument is laid out in a 201-page filing that had been sent to the US Court of Appeals for the very first Circuit by lawyers Hank Brennan and James Budreau.

Bulger Wanted to Testify

According to attorneys, Bulger wanted to take the stand in his defense that is own during trial. However, US District Judge Denise Casper had barred Bulger from telling the jury he had been guaranteed immunity from all crimes by a now-dead federal prosecutor.

‘The court ruled that the defense could maybe not raise the immunity defense at trial in any form, including the defendant’s very own testimony at test,’ Bulger’s legal team had written. ‘This error effected the fairness that is fundamental of Bulger’s trial and his convictions should be automatically reversed as a result.’

Bulger, who’s now 84 years old, planned to tell jurors that prosecutor Jeremiah T. O’Sullivan had guaranteed him complete resistance in exchange for Bulger’s promise to safeguard ‘his life.’ But Judge Casper would not enable that defense, saying that Bulger had no documentation to support his claims, and that whether or not such an agreement had taken place, O’Sullivan had no authority to offer this kind of promise.

The defense in turn argued that as the head of the New England Organized Crime Strike Force, O’Sullivan could make such a indeed deal.

With no cap ability to bring this defense up, attorneys say that Bulger was left with no reason to testify in his own defense at last summer’s trial.

Prosecutors Dispute Claims

Prosecutors, however, tell a different story about what happened at the trial that is sensational. According to assistant that is former attorney Brian T. Kelly, several judges had given Bulger the opportunity to provide an immunity defense prior to the trial it self, but he had made the tactical choice to decline that opportunity.

‘no license was had by him to destroy or virtually any immunity agreement, and he repeatedly failed to simply take the opportunity to present it,’ Kelly said.

Instead, prosecutors claim, Bulger likely did not take the stand to prevent a cross-examination in which he’d have experienced to answer endless questions about his functions in crimes, such as the 19 murders he was accused of participating in.

Ultimately, the jury discovered that Bulger took part in 11 murders, while finding that prosecutors had unsuccessful to offer evidence that is enough convict him on seven others. On the count that is final which involved the murder of Debra Davis in 1981, the jury was unable to reach a verdict.

Bulger’s attorneys defended their client by trying to refute much of what appeared in Bulger’s FBI informant file, which alleged that he served as an informant from 1975 to 1990. The lawyers say that Bulger wanted to testify to ‘the systemic corruption that existed in the federal government during the 1970s through 1990s and the political and institutional motivations that led Jeremiah O’Sullivan and the Strike Force to provide immunity to James Bulger. in their appeal’

Massachusetts Casino Repeal Campaigns Begin

Anti-casino groups are gearing up for another battle ahead of a repeal vote november. (Image: The Republican)

The Massachusetts casino repeal vote promises to be among the biggest gaming that is political of 2014.

It pits major casino developers and their supporters against anti-casino advocates who are hoping to move back regulations that allowed for three casinos and a slot parlor become built in the state. And with under three months until that vote will happen, it’s time for the campaigning that is real begin.

Both pro- and anti-casino forces have announced they’ll be starting up their campaign operations this week within an work to persuade voters to come down on the side of the issue that is contentious.

The statewide vote, scheduled for November, will determine whether the state’s casino law is going to be repealed, or if casino developers can get forward making use of their plans to build Las Vegas-style resorts.

Political Groups Begin Lining Up on Both Sides

On the side that is pro-casino efforts be seemingly led by the Committee to Protect Massachusetts work. The political team, funded primarily by MGM Resorts, Mohegan Sun and Penn National, said on Monday which they’ve been finding your way through three days to launch ‘an extensive ground work.’

Pro-casino forces have touted the thousands of jobs they say will be created if the gambling enterprises are permitted become operated and built within the state

They’ll be compared by anti-casino groups like Repeal the Casino Deal, the organization that successfully was able to get the repeal question on the ballot within the first place. That group says that they started their own canvassing and field businesses this past weekend.

For ‘Repeal,’ the objective seems to be contacting undecided voters that can be persuaded to oppose the casino bill, especially those in communities that haven’t yet considered casinos and hence might be less educated on the issue.

‘The casino bosses want to be sure this campaign is about every thing apart from casinos—with a group that conveniently renders casinos out of its title and internet site, materials and campaign theme which conveniently ignores the very impacts that are real casino mess with have on communities,’ said campaign spokesman Stephen Eisele.

Meanwhile, pro-casino forces have touted the thousands of jobs they say will be created in the event that casinos are permitted to be built and operated in the state. The website for the Committee to safeguard Massachusetts Jobs additionally lists a number of prominent individuals and groups that support their efforts, including legislators, chambers of commerce and labor unions.

Grassroots Effort vs. Casino Money

While Repeal the Casino Deal can’t desire to compete with the money which will be invested by the casino companies, they hope their grassroots efforts can produce results. The group already boasts nearly 1,000 volunteers who canvass and work phone banks to get play lightning link slot online free their message away.

‘We have the more voters learn about casinos, the more unlikely they’ll be to vote for them,’ stated campaign manager Darek Barcikowski. ‘we believe you are going to agree casinos are not economic machines; they truly are economic vacuums. if you look at Atlantic City as well as other communities that bought into the promises of casinos,’

Although the results of the November vote certainly have the possibility high drama, you can still find other issues that need to be sorted out in the meantime. Most prominently, the battle for the Greater Boston area casino license is still to be decided. Wynn Resorts wants to develop a casino in Everett, while Mohegan Sun and Suffolk Downs are proposing a resort in Revere. The state video gaming commission is anticipated to award a license to one of these bids by September.

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